Are You Prepared For The Summer?

With summer advancing at full pace, is your air conditioner ready to take on the heat? Do not worry if your HVAC system is not working to its best because we will tell you some simple hacks for fixing your mal-functioning HVAC system. Your HVAC may not be working at its best due to various reasons. Let us analyse some of the most frequent reasons that affect the performance of your HVAC system


1 Dust clogging the air circulation system of your HVAC system is the number one reason that affects the performance. HVAC system also acts as the air filtration system and as a result filtering dust and dirt out of the air is one of its major functions. Over a period of 6 to 12 months dust gets accumulated over the primary filter of the system. When the layer of dust gets s thicker that fresh air cannot pass through it, cooling provided by the HVAC systems reduces significantly. Under such conditions, HVAC systems cannot such out the hot air from inside the air conditioned environment. Consequently, effective cooling dies not happen. HVAC servicing agent can do two types of jobs for rectifying this situation. He can either dry clean the filter to remove the dust or he may even go for wet cleaning. Wet cleaning is done in case of severe dust accumulation.

2 Reduction in pressure of cooling agent in the compressor also leads to reduction of cooling efficiency of your HVAC system. Without getting into the technical, we would like to give you a brief of how this may affect your cooling system. The coolant is used inside the compressor to exchange heat with hot air that has been sucked from inside the room. If the pressure of coolant is not sufficient then hot air inside the room is not cooled. You must check the pressure of coolant inside the compressor regularly. A low pressure of coolant will also lead to very high energy usage.

The above two problems are the biggest problems that may lead to reduction of cooling of your room. It is necessary that you engage an HVAC service provider on a regular basis to get the servicing done. Finding a good service provider is easy as you can go to the internet and use HVAC Finder Amarillo to find some of the best agents in Amarillo.

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