Choosing a Professional Landscaper

If you want to increase your home’s value, consider hiring a professional landscaper. As they say; “first impression lasts”. And nothing can be better than greeting your buyer with a nicely maintained lawn. This speaks a lot on how the owner values its property and can even give an impression of the proper maintenance of the entire property. In fact, according to statistics, homes with good landscapes sell six times faster than those that don’t have one.


Landscaping projects can be done in various ways. Hence, you need to be certain what you want the professional landscaper to do for you. It may entail replacement or moving of existing trees and plants. Sometimes, soil draining problems have to be corrected. And maybe it will just be a minor landscape renovation or a major project.  Surprisingly, your home’s market value will increase by 12% if you add landscape into it.

Once you have hired a landscape professional, you need to discuss with him the entirety of your project.  You must be transparent even with your intended budget. You may add features like summer kitchen, drip irrigation or water features.

During your property site analysis, landscape experts will help you analyze views as well as suggest some features. Measurement must also be done to ensure proper feature placement. Also, it will be the best time when the expert will evaluate the availability of light to the plants as well as soil water availability and drainage. The landscape expert will also identify utilities’ location.

At the landscape plan development, the designer will plan for the combination of old and new features. Your ideas will also be considered and play a part in the plan. The base map will also have precise plot features.

The landscape pro will then present the proposed plan to you. Materials to be used will also be discussed. Then the plan will be finalized as to the date the work will be started and the exact work to be done.

Now, why would you hire a professional landscaper? Well, simply because they have well thought plans since they have been doing this work for years now. With their help, you can come up with a functional landscape design. Hence, you will surely make the most of your home’s landscape. By getting a professional landscaping help, you can come up with shrubs, trees and other plants in your own backyard. Hence, this means putting value on what you have invested.

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