Drug Compounding

Have you come across a medicine preparation technique called compounding pharmacy? It is the latest technique in the field of medical science. Under compounding pharmacy, medicines that are not commercially available or have been discontinued by the drug company can be produced through customization of drug molecules. The medication that has to be synthesised has to be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner otherwise it will not be fulfilled by the drug company. Compounding pharmacy is governed by very strict federal laws and hence if the prescription is not prescribed by a licensed doctor, it will not be accepted by the drug company. Are you wondering as to why do we need compounding pharmacy in the first place? Allow us to clear some air over compounding pharmacy. We have listed below some of the benefits of compounding pharmacy:


  • Compounding pharmacy helps in eliminating some of the allergy causing compounds that are present in drug molecules. Sometimes the regular drug formulations have ingredients that causes allergy to some people. Since most of the drugs are mass produced, there is very slim chance that the drug company will change its formulation for a few people. Pharm compounding comes to the rescue of such people as they can apply to compounding lab with the prescription that does not have that particular ingredient.
  • Many times popular drugs are not available in that form that can be easily consumed. For example, if you want to consume a drug in syrup form but it is available only in tablet form then drug compounding can be very helpful. You can get you regular medicine in the form of your choice through pharma compounding.
  • Pharma compounding is also very beneficial for those who consume a particular type of medicine but that medicine has been discontinued by the drug company. You can order the compounding company to prepare the exact drug for yourself by putting together the molecules that you need or your earlier drug used to have.

Whatever we have listed above is only the few popular benefits that drug compounding have. There are scores of other benefits that it can bring to people in need. More importantly, it can help you not only getting the right dosage or form of the medicine but also get the right combination of molecules in your drug. You can get more information about drug compounding in websites such as IMG link.

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