Five Things To Remember Before Hiring An Asphalt Paving Contractor:

You must be thinking of an asphalt paved surface for the driveway of your home for its superior smooth finish and durability. Also the less sound the tire of your vehicles would produce while plying on the asphalt surface must be in our mind as well. Fair enough, that are the few of main reasons from the lot of reasons it gives the house owner to select it as the pavement material for their properties. But asphalt paving is something that cannot be done by yourself; hence you need contractors with specialization in asphalt paving. Once you become successful in hiring a good contractor then you must remain assured that more than half of your hassles are away.


While you are searching for a good St. Louis Asphalt and Paving Company it is imperative to keep a few things in mind that will help you in finding the best one for the job. Here they are;

  • Insurance: Asphalt paving job needs engagement of men and machines and according to the state laws the workmen need to be insured as per the government norms. Since they will be working inside your property, in case of any accidents you may be dragged into some sort of trouble in the absence of proper insurance. So you must select a contractor who possesses valid insurance for the job.
  • Material: Asphalt pavement is mostly done with recycled asphalt materials. Using recycled product should not be a problem for you but you must know beforehand what grade of asphalt will be used and the mix proportion of the asphalt used for the pavement. You must remember that the inferior grade of asphalt may spoil the look of the pavement and reduce the durability and life of the pavement as well.
  • Ask the contractor what equipments he is going to use and if possible assess the condition of those machines. Since using machine prone to breakdown frequently may take the job longer than the usual to complete and you don’t like people coming to your property for days to complete a small job.
  • A good contractor must have a good size crew that can pull the job within the scheduled time.
  • If your asphalt paving project is not a big one then don’t opt for paying some down payment to the contractor. Even if it requires you to go for it then arrange to have a proper contract in place to get the best output from the contractor.

With a little care and caution you can get the best asphalt pavement for your property and the best value for your money.

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