How To Hire A Landscaping Contractor

Americans are very particular about the way their lawns appear and this is the reason why they spend so much time and effort on hiring the best landscaping contractor for their lawns. Their belief in professional landscapers has led to entry of large number of service providers of landscaping in Ankeny that provide this service and not all of them are up to the mark. This is the reason why we have come out with this article as it will help you in choosing the right landscaper for your lawns.


The first thing that you need to decide upon is that whether you need a full service lawn landscaper who can do end to end landscaping including lawn design and installation or you simply want a lawn maintainer that will only maintain your pre-lawns. If you want to fully renovate your lawns then you will have to hire a full service lawn landscaper as you need someone who can design your ideas and also implement, however if you want your existing lawns to be simply maintained then you only needs a lawn maintainer. Once you have decided upon the type of landscaper that you need, you should ask them following set of questions to ascertain whether they are fit to deliver the job

1 The first question that you should ask your service provider is that how long they have been in the job because experience level of the landscaper plays big role in how well the job is executes. Needless to say that the longer they have been in business the better it is for you.

2 Secondly you should find out that whether the service provider’s men are fully insured or not. Landscaping involves moving heavy objects and hence there is high probability that someone may get hurt and for this reason it is important that all the men who are working should be medically insured.

3 Thirdly you should enquire about the specialists that the service provider has on his roles. Landscaping is not all about planting grass and sods. You have to be very careful in maintaining your trees and hence it is desirable that your service provider should have an arborist on his panel. The arborist will give the technical advice on how to go about it.

4 Completion timeline is something that you should discuss with all potential service providers. It is a common practice to attach higher preference for someone who can finish the job sooner than the others.

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