Loft Conversion

Converting attic space into a functional area such as bedroom or study room has become a popular theme across house owners in UK. This is the reason why all major interior designers and architects in the UK offer it as a service. Loft conversion is a tricky affair because it is a remodelling work. Remodelling means that the area was designed initially for some other use but now it has to be remodelled for some other use; hence people often go to the architect for it. This is a mistake because remodelling is not something which an architect should look into. Usually this need should be catered by the remodelling company itself. Most of the good remodelling companies have an in house panel of architects that can help you in it. Architects main role comes in the design part of the project. You should also have an option of which in house architect you want to work with because usually there are more than one in house architect.


Loft conversion projects are very messy, hence one of the main reason why you should always consider project completion time period as one of the main parameters of the project. Till the time your renovation project is going it is almost impossible to live normally in the house and hence the aim should be complete the project on as soon as possible basis but at the same time there should be no compromise on the quality. One of way of doing this is by increasing the dedicated manpower for the project. Although technology and equipment play a major role in determining the quality and timeline of any loft conversion project but it is still a manual job, hence the greater the number of people working on the job the sooner it will get finished.

Cost overrun is major cause of concern for any construction or renovation project. Loft conversion projects are especially susceptible to cost over runs and this makes loft conversion estimatemuch more important than what it is for green field projects. Any renovation project is susceptible to cost over runs because there are multiple angles of demolition and construction attached to it. The firm doing the job for you will do an initial cost estimate for you but it is advisable that you get an independent opinion on the budgeting done by your firm from a third party.

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