Must-Try Foods When on Vacation

When traveling to different countries around the world, food is the most important thing everyone should try.


Meat Pie in Australia

Since Australians love meat pies, they have many variations of the dish. Aside from the meat, it also contains onions, mushrooms and sometimes cheese. Some people also like adding gravy and then topping it off with tomato sauce either chilled or hot.

Masala Dosa in India

This Indian crepe is crispy and uses rice batter. The crepe is wrapped around mashed potatoes that are mixed with different spices. Then, it is dipped in chutney, tomato and pickle sauces. Seafood

Paella in Spain

When talking about Spain, Paella is the main dish that is often known. Spanish paella is a rice dish that is usually with chicken, sausage and some vegetables on top of rice. Seafood Paella, on the other hand, includes mostly different seafood like shrimp, mussels, cuttlefish and lobster.

Tacos in Mexico

Tacos are famous all around the world. You can have one in just about every country you go to. But, the original is still the best. A tortilla is stuffed with beef, guacamole, salsa, onions and other vegetables you prefer putting in there.

Ceviche in Peru

This Peruvian Food uses the acid of the lime juice to cook the sea bass. Onions, salt and hot chili are added to the fish, giving it a mild yet spicy flavor. Then creamy sweet potato and boiled corn kernels are added to give texture to the dish.

Texas Barbecue in the United States

In US, Texas is probably the best place to go to when craving for pork barbecue. Not just because they are served in really big slices, they are also marinated in sauce that a lot of natives still keep as secret. Some famous chefs have their own special way of making their marinade but they all are exquisite.

Ramen in Japan

Although you can find instant Ramen in Styrofoam cups in every store you go to, nothing can beat the original broth from Japan. Chinese-style noodles are served in meat broth with miso or soy sauce. Japanese love adding toppings like leaks, eggs, corn and more to add to the flavor of the noodles.

Tom Yum Goong in Thailand

This Thai dish summarizes everything the locals of Thailand love – sweet, spicy, sour with a bit of saltiness. The different flavors of shrimps, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, tomatoes, lemongrass and galangal blend well in creamy coconut milk that is abundant in Thailand.

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