Simple Exercises and Foods to Enhance Your Breasts

A beautiful set of perky but proportionate breasts is what each woman in this age is aspiring for. Although some women will say that breasts are not a big deal but in their subconscious minds will tell them otherwise. A not so lucky woman would feel that there is actually something that is lacking. A most treasured chest that is bursting with a pair of a huge breast is what the woman has to have.

According to a study, about 80% of men worldwide are fixated with breasts and according to them it is definitely a big deal. Men love women having a huge pair of boobs and women that are naturally endowed get a sense of confidence in owning a pair of perfect ones. If a beautiful woman has a nice set of hooters, for sure men will flock around you like flies to a poop and they will be very gentlemanly to pull a chair for you and offer you a drink or two. Your man will cease gazing around for other woman’s set of jugs because you already have the one among the best in front of you.

So how do you make those boobies firm and big? How do you grow a pair of big breasts? How do you improve your breasts? The following are some exercises that can give your assets the best shape there is. It is important to concentrate on the muscles that are surrounding and supporting the breasts. You must do it religiously and you will notice the improvement in a month.


Press your palms together in front of your breast. Hold it for about five seconds and then repeat it again 10 times. With the pulling exercise, you must hold your forearms at the level of the shoulder and then pull your arms apart without letting it go. You must be able to feel your breasts lift while doing this. Do this 10 times. With the curl, you must curl your fingers at the shoulder level and lock them. Try to pull them apart without letting them connection go. Repeat for 10 times.


Consuming the correct kind of food especially those that contain phytoestrogens such as oats, soya, lentils, and more can increase the firmness of your breasts. Eat healthy fats from seeds, nuts, and olive oil that can make breasts look healthy. Eat foods like lean meat, fruits, veggies, and fish that can improve the suppleness as well as the elasticity of your breasts.


You can visit DrFedele’s official website if all the stated exercises and practices fail and maybe a surgical procedure can achieve your ideal breast goals.

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