The Problems with Voluptuous Breasts

6Plenty of women are so envious of big breasted women because they always see them as very blessed according to the modern standards. For them, having small breast is a curse given by God that they have to be contented with for the rest of their lives. What they don’t know are the problems that big breasted women have to endure just to carry those heavy watermelons everywhere they go. The following are some facts about their problems.


Breast size affects women whatever their size are. The discomfort of owning big breasts is not only on the physical aspect but also psychological and social. They have to deal with the psychological issue associated with women having big breast. Having them makes them an automatic bimbo in the eyes of men since they always see them as sexually active persons. This affects how women endowed with large bumpers see themselves that no matter what they do to be respected by society, no matter how intelligent or dumb they are, the bottom line in having these breast in the eyes of men is that they are a perfect candidate as sex object and object of men’s lust. This is despite them being dressed modestly to hide their eye-candy assets.


The problem with big-breasted women is ill-fitting bras. They find it very difficult to find the right size so they have to squeeze their large bosom on ill-fitting bras for years. Finding a good fitting bra means you have to pay extra or to have them custom-made. Women who cannot afford to spend for their bumps have to endure years of using constricting bras that give them unhappiness and discomfort.


When large-breasted women sleep, they also struggle with their big balloons. They will find it difficult to seek a comfortable sleeping position. Sleeping uprightly will make those bursting boobs press down to their chest. The weight of their breast will make it difficult for them to breath smoothly. It can even disturb them when sleeping.


Some of the big breasted women missed out the enjoyment of wearing clothes of the latest trends since they normally come out with regular sizes so these RTWs are not actually designed for women with large mountains. This prohibits them from wearing anything they want. They need to wear baggy tops to handle their big breasts. While it is true that most women are very comfy in wearing their bikinis when visiting beaches, well-endowed women would choose not to wear swimsuits since they will surely be looked upon lustfully by rabid men thirsty for some live Playboy experience. So most of the time, they are just limited to wearing the most boring black one-piece swimsuit. Big breasts can result from one main health issue that is back pain. The heavy breasts put too much toll on the spine causing backache. The shoulders are also burdened by carrying heavy breasts resulting to painful deep grooves caused by bra straps. Most women with huge breasts are not happy with their size and often emotionally demoralized with how they are treated by other people with regards to their huge breasts resulting to depression and low self-esteem.


Big breasted women are often victims of unwanted attention and cat calling. This is really quite demeaning. If you are among those who have all of the stated problems, a breast reduction surgery may be availed if you visit and for sure this will end your heavy woes.


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