The Windshield Repair Process

It is a known fact that a car windshield that has cracks, scratches, and nicks can be dangerous because they can distract the driver. At times, they may even obstruct the vision of the driver. Taking such into consideration, people are advised to have such repaired immediately. Apart from safety, when the problem has been resolved immediately, people will be able to save tons of money. However, such will only be possible if the windshield problem has been handled by trained, experienced, and licensed glass technicians. The problem nowadays is that many individuals try to repair small windshield blemishes with DIY repair kits. Although detailed instructions are given, people should still remember that the repair process is not as easy as it seems.


According to some of the best windshield repair in Lawrenceville, GA companies, prior to working on any windshield problems, technicians are trained to inspect the severity of the problem. Such will help them determine the right procedure or solution. Similarly, there are also a lot of factors to consider. One is that the windshield should be repaired in an area where there is no direct sun light. Second is that the right amount of pressure should be used to prevent further damages. When it comes to windshield chips or dings, technicians will perform procedures in order to prepare the surface first. Such include cleaning all the glass shards or materials that have been scattered by the damage or impact. Then, with the use of a special drill, they will open the affected area so that the repair product, called resin, can be injected properly. When the area is already prepared well, the resin will then be carefully injected until the chip is filled completely and cleanly. After which, the resin is then allowed to solidify in order to bond the glass together. The technicians will then proceed with the curing process so that the surface will be smooth.


A windshield crack, obviously, is far more complicated to repair than a chip. The problem with cracked windshields is that they should be carefully evaluated in order to determine whether they can still be repaired or they already require replacement. As an overview, the technicians will measure the crack size and check the number of “legs” or crack lines present. In case the windshield only requires repair, the process followed in repairing chips will also be used. However, a tip or an anchor is created on the affected area so that the cracked windshield will not fall of or break completely.

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