Usual Problems Encountered on Garage Doors

Garage doors are subject to wear and tear. Hence, no matter how sturdy it is, it will ultimately need repair and even replacement. However, it pays to know its common issues beforehand. This way, you will know how to address them as they happen.


Garage doors have so many moving parts and these alone need regular maintenance. At some point, these parts break. To prevent further damage, you must be vigilant enough to know what signs to watch for that signals immediate fixing. Among these are as follows:

Very loud noise

You know the normal sound that your garage door makes when opened and closed (if there is any). Hence, when you noticed that it creates an unusual sound, something that is louder than it normally does, then this requires further investigation, and maybe repairs.

Broken Remote Control

A lot of today’s garage doors are maneuvered using a remote control. And this device is used several times a day. If it appears to be faulty, try checking if the problem has something to do with its weak batteries. If you think the problem is the device itself then you may need to have it checked or replaced; whichever way is more favorable.

Spring Problem

Another common issue with garage doors is their spring. Throughout its use, the spring goes through a contracting-relaxing cycle. And since it is often put under pressure, it is expected to break over time. Once you notice that it is broken, you have to have it fixed or replaced before it can cause injury to any of your household.

Broken Garage Cables and Door Rollers

This can be caused by a jammed garage door. It is also the result to an unsmooth operation or if the door hangs to one side.

Doors that are off track

Your garage door may accidentally be loosened from its track. Among the causes of these are obstructions, hard object hitting it or broken cable. So assess the source of the issue and resolve it to restore the garage door back to where it belongs.

Ruined Panels

Garage door’s panels may be broken when you accidentally hit them with your car. If fixing won’t do to restore them, better replace them as early as you can before things can get worse.

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